This is me, just trying to have grace in THAT place.

The place where I am in life right now.

For me, that happens to be a wife, Christ follower, stay- at-home mother of two, somewhat floundering homemaker, and self-proclaimed semi-crunchy mama.

After the birth of my first son, my eyes were opened to a myriad of things I never knew existed. Feelings I'd never felt, people I'd never met, things I'd never seen, and questions I'd never asked.

The world of motherhood was so much more amazing, terrifying, exhilarating, lonely, overstimulating, beautiful, and ugly than I'd imagined.

 By necessity, I stumbled into the world of mom podcasts + mom blogs that discussed everything from the humorous mundane to the deep and life-changing. It was so good to hear from someone who felt the way I did. And from someone who didn't. The open dialogue from these brave women and moms did so much for me in my first two years as a mother.

 I've made a habit of being pretty conservative with sharing on my personal social media over the past few years for many reasons.

 Eventually, though, I decided that maybe I had something to add to the blog world conversation. Maybe the Lord could use me to encourage, inspire, or relate with another mom, wife, or woman. Putting myself out there is pretty intimidating, but I am following God's lead here. This little corner of the internet is my EXTREMELY humble two cents on life; a chronicle of my place right now and trying to have grace in it.

We are all somewhere different. This is where I am right now. Where are you? Let's talk about grace there.

 I hope you'll join me on the journey!


Grace In That Place


Experiencing God's Amazing Grace Daily

I thought I understood God's grace... until I became a mother. I feel like I've experienced a whole new dimension of the Gospel, and of His character. I'm beginning to pursue the Lord and experience Him in ways that I haven't before, so that is part of this journey.

Having Grace in THAT Place We're In

As women, wives, and moms, we are prone to compare. As cliche as it sounds to purpose to have grace in the place we are in, it's often easier said than done. Whether you're a working mom, a stay at home mom, rich, poor, anxious, struggling, thriving, waiting, desperate, bored, overextended, or anything in between, join me as we purpose to have grace in THAT place. Embrace who you are right now as a woman/wife/mom, and have grace in THAT place.


Giving Grace to Others 

So someone isn't doing this motherhood thing like you are? Give grace. Your feelings are hurt by something someone says or does? Give grace.  

Easy, right?! 

This is all very ironic coming from the queen of "struggles with the concept of grace." My husband can attest that I'm not exactly an expert in this department. Not even close. 

Here's a piece of humble pie....