"To The Mama Who Keeps Her Sick Kids Home From Church: THANK YOU"

So it's actually been quite a few months since this article was published on Her View From Home, and I'm just now realizing that I never put up a blog post here to let y'all know about it! 

This was my second piece of writing to be accepted to Her View From Home, and it helped solidify my place as a regular contributor to the online magazine! I am so humbled and excited to be a part of such a diverse, talented, wonderful group of women writing about ALL the real things in life. 

Trips to the pediatrician with two wild toddlers are.... interesting. 

Trips to the pediatrician with two wild toddlers are.... interesting. 


ANYWAYS. Since my boys both have fevers and apparently one has croup (noooo), the topic of sick kiddos is fresh on my mind so I thought I'd go ahead and post. On Sunday morning, littlest buddy only had a low grade temp, happy spirits, and NO other symptoms. My first thoughts were "Is it just teething?" I'm so glad we didn't chance it and hang out with any other babies or attend fellowship that day, because after a few hours at the pediatrician and a croup diagnosis this morning (and a long night of scary coughing sounds), we know that there was a lot more at stake. I'm relieved to know that we haven't directly put anyone else at risk for going through this (it's not fun), and I'm praying that my oldest son doesn't get it! (Lord, please no!)

These are the words I posted as a caption when I first shared the article on my Facebook and Instagram accounts:

"For whatever reason, this has become a rather taboo topic. It’s controversial to bring up. Why am I doing this?

After much prayer and many seemingly random conversations with moms from different states, different churches, different backgrounds, and different mothering styles, I could not ignore what the Lord was pressing on my heart to say. Just to open up the conversation. Which is pretty terrifying/not the most fun.

*This is not a “mommy-wars” issue. Breast or bottle, daycare or staying home, spanking or time out, organic or not organic, home school or public school---you do YOU! This is an exploration of a topic and a genuine personal spiritual conviction. NOT a judgment zone*" 

So here's the link to my article. I'd love for you to read and weigh in /encourage/share stories/speak truth on the topic! 


I hope you're all having a blessed Monday!