It Will Never Be Quite That Way Again

I don’t know if you have Timehop or if you ever check Facebook's “on this day” memories, but I’m absolutely addicted to them. It’s such a love/hate relationship, though. As I spend a dedicated few minutes scrolling each day, I am overcome with the bittersweet pain that only a parent's heart can feel: absolute joy and love beyond words at the sight of my babies through the years mingled with intense heart-stopping sadness that time has passed and those stages are gone (and so quickly!)

And it will never be quite that way again.

Today, on the very last day of January 2018, I can’t help but reflect.

FOUR Januarys ago, we were just a young married couple visiting our hometown and excited to be in the wedding party for our brother and sister-in-law. On the morning of the rehearsal dinner, I was feeling a little “off” (nauseous) so I took a pregnancy test and… we found out we were going to be PARENTS! It was our special secret to carry through a weekend full of crowds and family activities, but we couldn’t help but smile to each other constantly with sweet knowing glances. I immediately downloaded a pregnancy app (because how else would I know if the baby was the size of a lentil or a blueberry?!), turned my nose up at cold lunch meat, decided I needed some ginger ale and vowed not to drink a single cup of caffeinated coffee for the rest of our trip because HELLO.  I was going to be a MAMA. I was entrusted and responsible for carrying a precious life. Things changed forever that day in January 2013. And it will never be quite that way again. 


THREE Januarys ago, I was about 4 months postpartum with our first son. After a long labor and rough unexpected surgical delivery, my body and my heart were taking their sweet time healing up. And since I had a little piece of precious cargo with me at all times as a new stay-at-home-mom, we were essentially hibernating for the winter. Ain’t nobody got time for cold and flu season. I may or may not have considered making a “do not touch” sign for his car seat. #firsttimemomparanoia. Instead of running the roads and planning outings, we spent most days in our little nest reading books, watching Baby Einstein, non-stop nursing (aka Netflix binging the show of mama’s choice), and falling asleep together in my bed whenever we pleased. Such were the glorious, long, lazy days of the first baby. Even though we were in the face of the dreaded four-month sleep regression, I was finally feeling like I could feel a piece of “normal” coming back into the equation, and maybe motherhood wasn’t going to kill me after all. And it will never be quite that way again.

TWO Januarys ago, I had just given birth to my second son via C-section on the day after Christmas, after a grueling 48-hour labor that began on Christmas Eve. We had missed all the festivities of family Christmas, but we were so overjoyed to welcome our sweet baby that we didn’t really care. Even though I was elated to not be enormously pregnant anymore, I was that achy postpartum tired. We left our tree and decorations up for the whole month, snuggled in close with our babies, and focused on resting and recovering. I was a seasoned mama now, and understood the value of taking it slow, soaking it in, and not overdoing it. I relished every second of newborn-ness, knowing full well how quickly it would pass. We had family come in town and rotate out each week to help me, since post-surgery I could not lift our 16-month-old. January was a revolving door of helpers, to whom I will be eternally grateful for their sacrificial service. But once they left, gone were the days of “napping when the baby napped” and building my entire schedule/life around my newborn baby’s needs… mostly because there were TWO babies on opposite schedules. I was dog-tired and stretched so thin, but my heart was so full in the best way. And it will never be quite that way again.

ONE January ago, we had a two-year-old and a freshly-turned one year old, who were acting more like twins every day. Since baby brother could actually walk and didn’t nurse what felt like every five minutes now, I could take them on outings we could ALL enjoy. Such were the days of throwing them in the double stroller for countless hours at the zoo, trips to the library, playing at the park, and meeting up with real, live people for playdates. It was like the world had opened up to us. Finally feeling less of a jiggly, perpetually postpartum, trying-to-survive hot mess, I began to take that God-send of a stroller for long power walks and poured myself into my Weight Watchers plan—this time actually seeing results. I was journeying toward “me” again, while genuinely feeling able to enjoy my toddler and my baby/toddler in-between little guy. Two kids in cribs, two kids in diapers. One trying constantly to keep up with the other as if there wasn’t an age gap, making me constantly shadow behind him to avoid certain death. And it will never be quite that way again.

THIS January, I have spent time recovering from a miscarriage. Recovering from saying goodbye to our third baby just two days after Christmas, when we thought we’d be sharing a pregnancy announcement. Prayerfully trying to bounce back physically and emotionally from the long weeks of December we waited through, going back and forth testing blood and getting second opinions on whether or not things were going to pan out the way we hoped. I’ve spent time sniffing my babies’ heads, breathing in their toddlerhood and their sweet, exuberant life (which smells more like a little boy/wet puppy dog and less like a baby every day. I can’t even.)

THIS January, we have near constant cabin fever since we are trying to dodge the ridiculous flu pandemic that is sweeping our state, and some days I feel like we are all losing our minds. But I am SAVORING. THIS. SEASON. I’m thanking God for giving me these two precious gifts to treasure, and for revealing His character to me more each day through this thing called motherhood.

THIS January, I am writing this on their morning at Mother’s Day out, relishing my four hours per week of “mommy time” before the tornado starts back up again. I’m counting down the minutes until bedtime, but then missing them as soon as they fall asleep. I’m creeping to the side of their beds to catch a glimpse of them sleeping, constantly surprised at how odd (and sweet) it looks to see them so still, when during the day they are a constant blur of noise + movement + injury. I’m always stumping my toes on Daniel Tiger figurines and legos that are littering the living room floor. I’m doing the Mickey Mouse “Hot Dog Dance” like it’s my job—mostly because it IS my job. I’m standing firm through temper tantrums and introducing them to so many “firsts.” I’m kissing never-ending bo-bos and rocking toddlers who sometimes just need their mama. We go to restaurants, order dessert, and sit in booths because we're a family of four and we fit so perfectly. They split a kids meal at Chipotle because only one of them will touch the "healthy" rice + beans. It's affordable to go out as a family, and we can play man-on-man defense out in public. Even the smallest trip to the zoo or aquarium brings squeals of excitement and a simple lollipop can incite absolute joy---because TODDLERHOOD.

And it will never be quite that way again.

"To The Mama Who Keeps Her Sick Kids Home From Church: THANK YOU"

So it's actually been quite a few months since this article was published on Her View From Home, and I'm just now realizing that I never put up a blog post here to let y'all know about it! 

This was my second piece of writing to be accepted to Her View From Home, and it helped solidify my place as a regular contributor to the online magazine! I am so humbled and excited to be a part of such a diverse, talented, wonderful group of women writing about ALL the real things in life. 

Trips to the pediatrician with two wild toddlers are.... interesting. 

Trips to the pediatrician with two wild toddlers are.... interesting. 


ANYWAYS. Since my boys both have fevers and apparently one has croup (noooo), the topic of sick kiddos is fresh on my mind so I thought I'd go ahead and post. On Sunday morning, littlest buddy only had a low grade temp, happy spirits, and NO other symptoms. My first thoughts were "Is it just teething?" I'm so glad we didn't chance it and hang out with any other babies or attend fellowship that day, because after a few hours at the pediatrician and a croup diagnosis this morning (and a long night of scary coughing sounds), we know that there was a lot more at stake. I'm relieved to know that we haven't directly put anyone else at risk for going through this (it's not fun), and I'm praying that my oldest son doesn't get it! (Lord, please no!)

These are the words I posted as a caption when I first shared the article on my Facebook and Instagram accounts:

"For whatever reason, this has become a rather taboo topic. It’s controversial to bring up. Why am I doing this?

After much prayer and many seemingly random conversations with moms from different states, different churches, different backgrounds, and different mothering styles, I could not ignore what the Lord was pressing on my heart to say. Just to open up the conversation. Which is pretty terrifying/not the most fun.

*This is not a “mommy-wars” issue. Breast or bottle, daycare or staying home, spanking or time out, organic or not organic, home school or public school---you do YOU! This is an exploration of a topic and a genuine personal spiritual conviction. NOT a judgment zone*" 

So here's the link to my article. I'd love for you to read and weigh in /encourage/share stories/speak truth on the topic!

I hope you're all having a blessed Monday! 


Pink Blush Maternity---(The BEST Nursing Maxi Dress I've Found!)

Since January of 2014, I have been pregnant, postpartum, nursing, or some combination of those things.

My first son was born in August of 2014, and then just seven months later we were surprised to find out that we were expecting our second son!

I nursed throughout my second pregnancy, as my goal with my first baby was to make it to at least 12 months--- and I wasn't about to give up early! 

During my second pregnancy, I couldn't wear many of the maternity clothes I had worn just months earlier for my first.

1. They just didn't fit, since I was already bigger at just 6 months postpartum when I got pregnant.

2. I needed nursing access as well as bump allowance.

Apparently what I was looking for was a tall order, as the majority of maternity clothes are surprisingly NOT very conducive to nursing, and many nursing specific clothes aren't maternity. (And many ARE NOT cute!)

 Those cute, tight maternity tops that hug the bump in all the right places that I LOVED during my first pregnancy couldn't be pulled up to nurse, but also couldn't really be pulled down or to the side either. 

I wore what I could, and tried to nurse at home around the times when we'd be out for long periods of time. When we did go out, I resorted to wearing styles that I didn't love and that weren't flattering because I didn't think I had any choice. 

If only I had discovered Pink Blush Maternity back then! 

Now, Pink Blush does carry a lot of gorgeous styles that are bump hugging and not nursing friendly, and all of them are fashion forward and beautiful. So many perfect options for date nights and maternity photo shoots! 

But the BEST news to me is that they have transitional styles---dresses and tops that take you from pregnancy to postpartum to nursing and fit you every step of the way. AND they actually look like current trends and not "dated mom clothes" or "frumpy nursing clothes." AND they're at an affordable price point. AND they feel like pajamas. I mean... can I get an AMEN?

I can't believe I'm 18 months in to my nursing journey with my second child and I'm just now discovering Pink Blush. But now I have to spread the good news! 

This floral maternity/nursing maxi feels like a nightgown in the comfort department, but fits and shows like a date night show-stopper!

I wore it to church last week when we were visiting our hometown and then a couple of days ago when we were at our own church, and I got SO many compliments on the pattern, the material, and the fit!

I wore it with some tall wedge heels because it does have extra length to accommodate the baby bump if need be. I was able to easily nurse my son after church but before our lunch plans without having to basically undress in the car or stretch out my clothes unncessarily, which is ALWAYS a mom win. 

To shop my favorite nursing friendly boutique maternity clothing styles (for the pregnant and postpartum mamas alike,) head over to

He was way too interested in exploring... hence these are all more like "outtakes" ;) 

He was way too interested in exploring... hence these are all more like "outtakes" ;) 

The faux wrap style makes this dress easy for nursing on the go!

The faux wrap style makes this dress easy for nursing on the go!

Are you even a boy mom if you don't get punched in the face while trying to look cute?! 

Are you even a boy mom if you don't get punched in the face while trying to look cute?! 


**I'm not getting paid to say any of this! I have genuinely loved my shopping experience and my clothing from Pink Blush so far. In full disclosure (because I always strive to be transparent with y'all,) I was able to get this dress as a complimentary gift as an affiliate blogger! I mean, I'll talk about something I already love all day long, but add a free dress in there... can't beat it!**



Father's Day 2017: Family Trip to Atlanta

Many of y'all who follow me on Instagram saw that my month of May was absolutely AMAZING, thanks to a sweet and thoughtful husband who made Mother's Day and my birthday into an entire month of special surprises. (Retroactive posts on that to come!) 

Since his birthday was in March, I knew that Father's Day would be my best chance to plan something legit for him in return. My husband would far prefer a special excursion or some quality time to an expensive gift in most cases.

Long story short, my original "surprise" plans ended up falling through, and I had to tell him the Tuesday before Father's Day that I was starting from square one. (Mostly because I can't keep anything from him to save my life. haha!) 

He ended up suggesting this weekend trip to Atlanta. I'll admit it made me feel like a little bit of a failure for not swooping in with the big surprise element after all that he did to surprise me recently.

But I think it worked out just as well. We were able to coordinate it together, and be on the same page as we got everything ready for an overnight trip with two kids two and under---our first time to take 2 kids to a hotel. 

 Here's a quick recap of our trip, and some advice if you and your family are looking to make the excursion to Atlanta for some sight seeing and quality time any time soon. 


Low quality pic, but I wasn't planning on using it. Atlanta, here we come! 

Low quality pic, but I wasn't planning on using it. Atlanta, here we come! 

The Plan: 

  • Saturday---get up super early, drive to Atlanta, go straight to the zoo, check in to the hotel, change, go somewhere fun and cute for dinner.
  • Sunday---get up early, have a good breakfast, get to the Georgia Aquarium right when they open, stay as long as we want and *hopefully* stop in at IKEA before we head home. ;)

So. Did anything go as planned? Welllllll......

Saturday Morning: 

We woke up before 6:00, intending to leave before 6:30. This is a huge deal for me, especially when we were up until nearly 1:00AM with Henry. (Whyyyy?)

We didn't get on the road until 7:00, and we had to stop for "mama restroom breaks" aka "I have the smallest bladder in the world and literally can't help it." We also managed to sneak Starbucks in on one of the stops because my body was NOT liking the lack of sleep. 

We made it to the Zoo around 11:00AM (you lose an hour going from Central to Eastern Time Zone), but parking was a bit of a nightmare and took much longer than expected.

NOTE: If you are planning a visit, you need to either get there early or plan to park on the neighborhood streets and walk. When we finally got near the entrance, Bradley had to go back for the printed tickets, which were in the console of the car. I used that unfortunate opportunity for a quick photo session. 

No one looks thrilled here, but I swear there are happier faces somewhere in the 100 pictures I took.

No one looks thrilled here, but I swear there are happier faces somewhere in the 100 pictures I took.

The zoo was HOT (as expected), but fortunately most of the walking areas and exhibits were well shaded, which helped a ton. We are members of our zoo in our hometown, so we saw a lot of the same animals we see on a normal weekly basis.

But we also got to see the most adorable panda bears, some seriously neat gorillas, and a few other cool surprises. Bennett is literally obsessed with animals, so he was in hog heaven. Especially in the gift shop where we added a substantial amount to his toy animal collection. (Yes, it has become a real, legitimate, bona fide collection. A post on this later...) 


The boys ate nonstop snacks, and we held out as long as we could so that we could head to Fox Bros BBQ immediately after leaving the zoo at around 2:30. We arrived to discover (not shocked) that we would have to park wayyyy down in the neighborhood and walk to the restaurant. We had visited here before when Bradley's brother and his wife lived in ATL, so we knew it was delicious and so worth it.

I stayed in the car to quickly nurse Henry, while Bradley and Bennett walked ahead to get a table. Well...they tried to. An hour and a half wait (at 2:45pm??) was not going to cut it for us, which was sad. 

We ended up desperately searching Google Maps for anything close by, and we settled for a Mexican Grill chain that was essentially the same thing as Moe's but under a different name. (Side note: we hate Moe's. Chipotle forever. Anyway.) It was ok, because any sustenance would have done the trick at this point. I just felt disappointed that things were not shaping up "as planned." Bradley's favorite food is BBQ, so of course I wanted that to be a part of his celebratory weekend. And I hate eating at chain restaurants period, but especially when we're on a trip and could savor something local and special. Bummer. 

We headed to the hotel to check in, since we figured now we would need a little time to get ready for dinner/decide where we wanted to go. We were staying at the Omni Hotel, which is attached to The CNN Center and essentially adjacent to the Georgia Dome and Phillips Arena. My husband had stayed here before on numerous occasions with a previous job in football. Bonus:  it's within walking distance of the aquarium (and lots to eat) so we felt confident in our selection.

As we neared the hotel, there were literally mobs of people in the streets surrounding the park and the hotel. It was super nerve wracking to be driving in the crazy traffic and then navigating wayward pedestrians. We were puzzled as to what could be going on, and then when valet took about 30 minutes, we were really beginning to wonder. 

We grabbed our information from the front desk, and headed to the room. A bell hop had our bags on a cart, and we figured he'd be right behind us. -----45 minutes and a phone call downstairs later, he arrived with our bags. It was now getting too late to get all dressed up to go to dinner anywhere fancy, so we reluctantly decided to walk down to The CNN Center and find something in the food court. My mama gut was telling me that this wasn't a stellar idea, but I thought that was just the fact that I didn't want Chick-Fil-A for the 5th time this week. 

When we got down there, it was SO crowded and there were people cutting up and acting foolishly. (We found out later that this past weekend was Atlanta's wildest concert of the year featuring extremely well known headline rappers, and the party was cranking up right about the time we were in the middle of everything. But as tourists, how were we to know?)

When someone came out of nowhere and slammed a fifth of vodka on the Chick-Fil-A counter, demanding a "LARGE LEMONADE," and someone stepped on my toddler's foot, making him burst into tears, we knew it was time to take the kids upstairs to eat our food on the go.

I walked across the food court with Bennett to grab something from another restaurant, and was headed back to where  Bradley and Henry were waiting on us. I guess a fight was breaking out or something, because people started screaming and running, and we very narrowly missed getting actually trampled in the process. We were shuffling to the outskirts and got bumped a little, but it could have easily been much more dramatic.

Cops came out of nowhere, and I have no idea what happened next because I (in true dramatic mom fashion) got super upset and started crying. When you and your child narrowly miss being stampeded over by a large unruly crowd, you just feel shocked and emotional. 

It wasn't an overreaction, though, because we really could have been injured in that scuffle. My husband is always one to downplay a situation or let me know when I'm being over the top, but he affirmed that this was unacceptable and upsetting.

As we passed the hotel lobby check-in area with armfuls of Chick-Fil-A bags and a panicking mama with a tear streaked face, of course someone on hotel staff approached us. They already knew that things were getting out of hand in the hotel, and it was written all over their faces before they even articulated it to us. But because we no longer felt comfortable staying there, she politely assured us that it was no problem and that we wouldn't be charged for our awful experience. 

To shorten what could turn into a really long story, valet took FOREVER to find our car and get it to us because they were dealing with some crazy situations as well. The bright side is that we were offered to come back as a complimentary stay, which we will probably do and will likely enjoy since this hotel is usually pretty nice when music festivals aren't taking place and mass inappropriate behavior is not abounding. (I promise I'll post about what I'm now referring to as the "Redemption Trip.") haha.

We got on the phone with the Ritz Carlton just down the street, thinking it would be a better bet since it wasn't attached to the concert venue itself.

NOPE. As we pulled in, valet was at a standstill, and we saw more tomfoolery going on in the street entrance of the lobby. I immediately called the front desk and asked them to cancel our reservation, and to please transfer us to the Buckhead location of the Ritz. My brain was fried, I was so tired, and SO DONE. I didn't mind driving 17 minutes down the road to be out of this situation and in a quiet, quality place with my kids (it was already 8:00 and I hadn't eaten my dinner yet because what southern girl can even think about eating anything when she's all in a tizzy? Especially a disgusting wrap from a food court.) 

We made it fun by making it a bonding experience. After all, it wouldn't be one of OUR trips without having a huge hitch in the plans. ;) (LEST you forget about example A: our trip to the River House previously documented on this blog.) 

The only picture I took at the first hotel. We had a pretty neat view of the new Mercedes-Benz stadium, the Georgia Dome, and downtown. Also... look at that sweet Daddy's boy ;) 

The only picture I took at the first hotel. We had a pretty neat view of the new Mercedes-Benz stadium, the Georgia Dome, and downtown. Also... look at that sweet Daddy's boy ;) 


Now that the soap opera is done, on to the rest of the trip. 

So I've stayed in a lot of nice hotels, but never a Ritz Carlton. I just want to say (I'm not getting paid to say this!) that from the moment we pulled up at the Buckhead location well after 8:00pm, we were greeted with smiles. There was a kids table set up with toys and activities for Father's Day weekend, and a family movie by the pool was just starting. 

The staff was very sympathetic to our long journey that had led us there, and they were great at getting us settled in quickly. I have to say that I really enjoy the traditional simplicity of their rooms, as well. Nothing too flashy, nothing too contemporary. It was then, once I was comfortable and everything was figured out, that I realized that I was starving. 

We ordered a pizza to the room, and they said it would take 40 minutes. But by the time I had gotten my things together to jump in the shower, there was already a knock on the door! (Thank you, Lord!) 

Another low quality, "in the moment" picture, but hey---I wasn't necessarily planning for a photo shoot on this journey. Wine + Pizza= Problems Solved. 

Another low quality, "in the moment" picture, but hey---I wasn't necessarily planning for a photo shoot on this journey. Wine + Pizza= Problems Solved. 

Now I don't know about you, but I LOVE to order room service, but I am rarely satisfied by the quality of the food once it reaches my room. I don't know if we were just THAT hungry or if the pepperoni pizza really was amazing. I think both ;) We then proceeded to order a second one, this time with fresh arugula and mozzarella--it was just as good! 

With full bellies, clean pajamas, and weary bodies, we finally were ready to get the boys down so that we could all go to sleep. Luckily, Bennett was such a champ about getting in the pack n play and going right to sleep even while I was still up making a little noise while getting Henry to settle in. We were both so proud of how well he did on his second time ever staying in a hotel! 

Sunday Morning: 

We had planned to wake up early and get to the aquarium when it opened, but we were SO tired that we snoozed the alarm. We all started stirring at 9:00AM, right around the time the aquarium opened. That extra hour and a half were so needed. 

Since there was construction on the casual cafe downstairs, they were serving breakfast in a different area of the hotel, and we decided to forego getting all fixed up for a sit down breakfast. We got ourselves together and headed out, passing the Florida Marlins team in the lobby on the way out. 

Easy like Sunday Morning :)

Easy like Sunday Morning :)

They did pretty great for being curious toddlers trapped in a hotel room. But it was time to get out of there before some serious mischief took place!

They did pretty great for being curious toddlers trapped in a hotel room. But it was time to get out of there before some serious mischief took place!

So ready to see all the fish! 

So ready to see all the fish! 


We drove a few blocks to a cafe we thought we could slip in and out of, only to see that it was a little more "well to do" than we planned to visit in our "athleisure" clothing for the day. So we turned the car around and went through the drive-thru at Caribou Coffee, a place I'd only visited once before on a trip to Washington, DC. It was good, y'all! 

After all of that, we didn't arrive at the aquarium and get inside until about 11:00ish, but at least we were rested, fed, and ready to go. It was SUPER crowded during the first part of our visit, but it began to clear out as the afternoon went by. 

We did everything that we had planned to do. The sea lion show. (Funny story: we got seated next to Michael Vick and his personal escorts, which was random but hey. Second celeb-isa sighting of the trip.) The dolphin show. The whale shark feeding time.

We visited every exhibit--some of them twice! We saw the belugas (Bennett is obsessed with the characters from Finding Dory, so he was starstruck by the whale sharks and belugas specifically), and the famous tank that you can walk underneath. We even overpaid for mediocre aquarium food and enjoyed a late lunch together with Bennett while Henry passed out in the stroller (a rare but beautiful quiet moment!) 

For anyone thinking about planning a trip, I would say the Georgia Aquarium is absolutely worth the time and investment. We can't wait to go again, and Bennett keeps asking when we are headed back to the "acranium" ;) 

Their wonder and awe at the majestic creatures of God's creation was sweet to watch. (Featuring: the beluga whales!) 

Their wonder and awe at the majestic creatures of God's creation was sweet to watch. (Featuring: the beluga whales!) 

This is Destiny the whale shark, for all my Finding Dory mamas out there. 

This is Destiny the whale shark, for all my Finding Dory mamas out there. 

We finally left pretty late in the afternoon, but fortunately we gained an hour on the way home. No, we didn't get to stop at IKEA. :( 

BUT this trip was about family time with Daddy, and unless we are on a specific mission for a carefully selected piece of furniture, IKEA is not his idea of fun. So I sucked it up, we got some Starbucks, and we enjoyed each other's company while the kids relished watching Veggie Tales in the back seat (they usually don't love the carseats for too long, so the two hour trip was the perfect amount of time. I highly suggest the Veggie Tales "Noah's ark" DVD!)

I think that all in all, it was a good trip. I could write about 1,000 more words about how much I appreciate Bradley as a father (and husband), but I think I'll save a lot of it for another post.

This past weekend did allow me to stop and appreciate his role in our family: provider, caretaker, protector, love-giver, scheduler, "make it happen" guy, and so many countless other things.

In a way I'm glad that it wasn't a dramatic surprise, because we got to work together and do exactly what HE wanted to do, which was spend time with his family doing things that we all enjoy. I'm so blessed to have a husband who is ALL IN, and who would rather spend Father's Day (HIS day) schlepping around hot zoos and crowded aquariums because his kids love it than doing anything else in the world.  (Although I DO still want to plan a surprise non-kids, stress-free outing for him at some point, just for good measure.)

What are some special ideas you plan for the Fathers/husbands in hour life?

I'm taking suggestions and looking for creative ideas, because I want to make a point to continue to celebrate him more than just once a year. ;) 






Cesarean Awareness Month

Y'all! I knew some time had passed since I last posted, but I didn't realize it had been since February! It's been a crazy past few months, which I intend to update you on. At some point. :) 

I'm just popping on today to share an article I wrote for Her View From Home about Cesarean Awareness Month (April.) If I had the chance to incorporate everything I had to say on the subject, it would have likely turned into a thesis or research paper. (ha!) So in some ways, I'm thankful for their word limit in that it kept me focused. 

This is just a blurb and a small snapshot, but starting the conversation and getting something out there is better than saying nothing at all. Even though it's now May and not April , it's still an important topic that's worth checking out. :)