My Place

My name is Amber (although my lifelong wish has been for my name to be Mary, Anne, Catherine, or something of the classic and beautiful variety. Think Downton Abbey.)

I'm just a girl trying to have grace in the place that I'm in. 

 My "place" at the moment: 

I'm a late-20-something Southern woman, wife of 6 years, Christ-follower, and stay at home mom of two boys---who are 16 months apart (eek!) My current full time occupation is to keep two humans ages two & under alive.

I like to refer to myself as semi-crunchy.  

{semi-crunchy (adj): one who is wholly committed to crunchy things like breastfeeding, extended breastfeeding, and natural childbirth, enjoys mostly organic/unprocessed foods, is a proponent of babywearing, etc., BUT who simultaneously hasn't given up the conveniences of disposable diapers,  loves her double stroller, birthed in a hospital (actually ended up with dramatic C-sections), and still wears makeup products from Bare Minerals and Estee Lauder.} Embrace me for who I am.

I hold a Bachelors Degree in both Communication Studies and in French Languages & Literature, and a Master's Degree in Communication Studies. I put those all to good use as I stay at home with our boys, bitterly paying my student loans nickel by nickel, and writing this blog. ;) 

I'm not especially crafty, but I appreciate the occasional DIY project. I'm not an outstanding housekeeper, but thanks to my husband's impeccable organizational skills I'm improving every day.  I MAY get just a teensy bit overwhelmed if I can't check things off the "to-do" list. I waver when making decisions unless I know exactly what I want from the beginning, and in those situations I'm pretty...let's say-- persistent

I ask the Lord every day to fan into flame a passion for His name in my heart, even though I am oh-so prone to wander. Since becoming a mom, I am even more overwhelmingly thankful for His grace. 

Some of my favorite {sweetest/hardest} places to date: